Building - Urban Planning - Environment

  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary design
  • Definitive design
  • Construction Design
  • Construction drawings
  • ... and more

Surveys - Expert Opinions

  • Real estate due diligence
  • Audit Documentation
  • Real estate appraisals
  • Court-Appointed Technical Consultant
  • Technical Expert Witness
  • ... and more

Geomatics - Cadastral Activity

  • D.E.M.
  • Cadastral mapping
  • Registering property with the Building Registry
  • Transfer of cadastral registration
  • Land registry rectifications
  • ... and more


Building/urban planning and cadastral certificates, fascicolo di fabbricato (a document containing all identification, design, structural, plant-engineering and environmental information), facility management, 3D building information modelling (BIM) of real estate and buildings for a precise and accurate management of all the operations to be carried out.


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My name is Carlo Fava, I am a private practice building surveyor. After graduating from the Technical Institute for Surveyors-builders in Terni, I immediately started my two-year apprenticeship. After two years, I took and passed the examination to become a qualified professional. In 2004 I registered as a chartered building surveyor in Terni. From that day on, I have worked uninterruptedly in private practice. In 2012, I became a registered Technical Consultants for the Court of Terni. In 2015, I obtained a scholarship tt pursue my D.R.P.I Master's Degree, in Real Estate Due Diligence and Regulatory Compliance, organized by Sogeea S.p.A. and the Sapienza University of Rome. I have gained a great deal of experience in land registration and topography, audit documentation, due diligence and real estate regulatory compliance, collaborating on healthcare project design from 2009 to 2012. I also perform procedures related to the architectural construction designs of extensions, new buildings and renovations. Since 2010, I produce structural construction design drawings of electrical substations for an important PREFABRICATION building company.

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When offering my services I follow the "Quality standards for the professional qualification of surveyors-builders" guidelines and directives, drawn up by the National Council of Surveyors-builders and Graduate Surveyors with the methodological collaboration of the Italian National Unification Body.
Competence: I constantly and continuously attend professional courses to update my knowledge of the most recent changes in the regulatory standards, construction and computer technology that concern building, real estate and the freelance profession.
Throughout the course of a service my focus is on the needs and schedules of the customer, the resolution of any problems or interferences that may arise and the achievement of the objectives that have been set.