Technical services

Types of partition

Defining the types of partition is a procedure by which a plot of land is divided into two or more portions. The partition is carried out for asset divisions, sale, expropriations, etc. The operations to be carried out include: audit of public offices documentation, access and inspection of the sites, execution of the survey, drafting and delivery of the final papers.

Cadastral mapping

Cadastral mapping is a change in the land registry with which one inserts and updates the cadastral map with the indication of new buildings, extensions and the partial or total demolition of buildings already registered in the land registry. To draw up the cadastral mapping you need to check the documentation of the public offices, make an inspection and survey of the places, perform the survey , process the relevant data and deliver the final documentation.

Registering with the Building Registry

Registering with the building registry is intended to inform the Revenue Agency - Land Section of a a modification to a particular property. It can be divided into new buildings, in the case in which one or more real estate units are constituted, or be affected by variations, if one or more units are changed. The cases of variations are multiple and diverse, among the most commonare: different distribution of interior spaces, extensions, partitions, mergers, etc. The operational steps for preparing a notification to the buildingregistry are: retrieval of the land registry documentation, survey of the state of the places, verificationof the stateof the places and the existing approved data, assessment of the characteristics and equipment of the real estate units, data processing, compilation of the forms and presentation and withdrawal of the papers at the building registry.

Cadastral transfer

A cadastral transfer updates the ownership of specific assets in the land registry. It is used as a result of deeds, statements of succession, and backlog when the documents have never been registered at the land registry. The steps for drawing up a cadastral transfer generally focus on obtaining, auditing and analysing the documentation and completing the forms.

Land registry rectifications

A land registry rectification is a request that must be delivered to the Tax Authorities (Agenzia delle Entrate) - Land Section where one or more modifications previously submitted have been erroneously registered in the database. It may also include the inclusion of documentation delivered but never entered in the database. Retrieval and analysis of technical-administrative documentation are the main activities for preparing rectification and subsequently delivering it.

Area survey – Planimetric and Altimetric surveys – Buildign Surveys

This is the technical activity required to measure and provide graphic renders of the planimetric and/or altimetric surveys of the area. It is carried out for multiple purposes and includes outdoor areas, portions of land, buildings and real estate to different degrees of precision and definition that vary in accordance with the final purpose. It can be requested to the technician ad an aid to various typologies of planning: for drawing up the land registry documents, for various types of drawings, real estate surveys and for technical feasibility studies.

Longitudinal Profiles, Sections, Contour Maps, D.E.M. (Digital Elevation Model), Calculation of excavation and tipping volumes, Monitoring and on-site topographic assistance, Setting out buildings

These are all technical activities related to land surveying, whose purpose is to produce technical drawings and accessory data for construction designs and the realisation of works and buildings. They include excavation and tipping calculations for construction sites, setting out and placing the boundary markers, infrastructures, creating sections and profiles of the terrains, digital models of a portion of the local area and contour maps. These operations are mainly carried out in the countryside/AT THE construction site and are drawn up in agreement with other professionals and construction companies.

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