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Real Estate Due Diligence

Real Estate Due Diligence is the process by which the status of a building or a group of properties is analysed and compared with the current status of documents and regulations. It also includes the valuation of the property itself and an assessment of the costs and the technical-administrative processes necessary to render it complaint. In the Due Diligence, the factors and elements of the owner's planning/building, cadastral, environmental, building systems, structural, fire prevention and maintenance status are analysed. A Due Diligence is essential for planning future valorisation of the real estate, as well as studying its best use in the short, medium and long term.

Audit Documentation

This is research and retrieval of technical/administrative/legal documentation related to a given property. The aims are many: an analysis of its existing state for drawing up building projects, the audit of cadastral compliance, easements, mortgages or acts of easement, the preparation of property due diligenceS, real estate survey , etc.

Real Estate Valuation

The process by which a survey report of a given real estate property on a given date is drawn up based on document analysis, market surveys and data analysis.

Court-Appointed Technical Consultant (C.T.U.)

The Technical Consultant is a professional expert in a given field, called by the judge in aid of judicial activities. The appointed technician must appear in a special court register. After having accepted the assignment, the Office Technical Consultant analyses the party's dossiers, begins the surveys, responds to the observations of the parties involved and prepares the technical survey for the court. The areas of expertise of the Technical Consultant are many and also concern fields not strictly related to the real estate world.

Technical Expert Witness (C.T.P.)

The Technical Expert Witness draws up an appraisal which, as part of a judicial procedure, aims to support the case and motivations of a party involved. They must also provide information and be present to support the Technical Consultant during technical surveys.

Technical Consultancy in the transfer act

This activity is for the purpose of drawing up an expert report that contains the technical/building/urban/cadastral/mortgage technical data necessary for correctly drawing up and compiling the deed of sale. The report must be drafted indicating the dates of the inspection and access to the property being transferred. It must contain research, verification audit and analysis, including through metric surveys of titles and the building procedures that have created and modified the property, of compliance with the land and building registries, access to and verification of title deeds, verification of easements or other encumbrances and other formalities. It must contain appendixes concerning the property such as Certificates of Intended Use (where necessary), extract, plan and cadastral survey.

Drawing up Condominium Shares

Drawing up condominium shares is an activity that leads to the definition of the ownership ad share (in the thousandths) of each resident, with respect to the value of the entire building. This is useful for dividing the general expenses of the building. The commission includes auditing e preliminary documentation, completing it (where necessary), access to the real estate units and, if necessary, verification and/or execution of metric surveys, calculating the consistencies (surfaces or volumes), identifying the correction coefficients, calculating the condominium shares and producing technical drawings.

Drawing up statements of succession

A statement of succession is an act that decides the transfer of assets from the deceased to their heirs. The tasks of the technical expert are to acquire the documentation of the heirs, define the inheritance and of the heirs, to draw up the statement succession, including all the APPENDICES enclosures provided FOR BY LAW, and to complete and deliver the cadastral transfer.

Redrawing boundaries

Redrawing boundaries is a technical operation that is required when the boundary between two landholdings is uncertain. The activities carried out include research and document gathering, modelling the legal boundary, verifying the places, planning and drawing up the survey, prviding graphic representation of the same, performing data calculations and setting up/out the building site, placing the markers and drawing up the final conclusive report.

Asset Division

An asset division is a legal instrument with which the exclusive ownership of certain assets is established. This act is necessary in the case in which the properties being divided have not already been separately identified by divisions and real estate partition. These operations include different types of subdivisions with regard to land and building and cadastral divisions for buildings/structures.

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